This setting when enabled allows access for Clients & Professionals to view, approve, and dispute Timesheets after they have been submitted by a Member.

How do I enable this setting?

To enable the setting please follow the steps below:

1. Open the location profile you wish to edit. If you are not sure how to view a locations profile please visit: How to update Location Details

2. Select the Online Permissions Tab within the location's profile.

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3. Select Yes from the drop down field applicable to the setting (highlighted in the red box below)

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4. Select Save to apply the setting change to the locations profile.

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How does a Client or Professional approve a Timesheet?

For Clients or Professionals to access submitted Timesheets they first must have the above Online permission set to allow access.

Timesheet approval via the Desktop Portal

A Client or professional can access the Approve Timesheets tab available in the top menu.

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The user can then apply the date range to review submissions for and select Search.

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Please note that the timesheet must be submitted via the member for the shift to appear for client approval.

If shift details are displayed in red font within this screen it is highlighting that the details submitted have discrepancies from the original booking details. By hovering over the red font it will show the original shift data. For example the image below is indicating a different finish time and total hours work. By hovering over the font we can see that the shift was originally booked for a 23:00 finish.

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To review a timesheet submission the user can select the Timesheet number or the orange text 'Pending Client Review'

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In the next screen they will see a break down of the original booking details and the details submitted by the member.

To Approve
The user selects the green Appove Timesheet button

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To dispute
The user adjusts the Start,End or break time and enters notes on why the changes were made for the member to review. Once this is updated they select the Orange Dispute Timesheet button

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Altenatively is the user is happy with all of the submitted timesheet details they can bulk approval all selected shifts

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Timesheet Approval via the Mobile App

To Approve timesheets via the Professional app access Timehseets located in the bottom menu of the Mobile App.

Please note if a location does not have access to Authorise TImehseets they will see the below within their App prompting them to request authorisation. 

Once the approval has been provided the professionals can view all Timesheets awaiting review.

To view the submitted docket and booking details select the docket details relating to the shift you want to review.

For example we wish to review Bat Man's Docket "Test109" so we can select anywhere within the red box below.

The next screen will provide the details of the booking request any discrepancies will be highlighted in Red font with the original booking details inserted below in a shadow box.
you can view the docket submitted by selecting the blue Icon in the top right hand corner. The red icon will appear in the top right hand corner if there are discrepancy notes entered from the Member.

If you wish to view the discrepancy notes select the red icon. This will provide a pop up screen with the notes that the member submitted.

To approve the docket select "Approve Docket" or to Lodge a Query select "Lodge Query" .

If you select Lodge Query a pop up to enter discrepancy notes will appear on the screen.

Details of Client approved Timesheets or any discrepancy notes are viewable within the Finance portal when confirming shifts.