Why is this helpful?
Searching for an order number using this quick search feature will override all small and main filters applied to the screen. i.e. It will always bring up the placement and all bookings created with that order number, even if the shifts are different statuses/hidden by the default date ranges, so if a customer calls up and whats to know the status of a block of bookings that you created together, you can instantly find out.

How does order number get entered?
When entering client requests via Quick or Multi Booking you are able to add a Order number as part of the shift information. In future this will become automatic as you create a booking.

The Search Order number quick search can be found below the top bar menu's on the let of the allocations screen as shown in the image below.

To search using the quick search feature enter in the order number and select the magnifying glass or press enter on your keyboard. It is important to note that the exact order number is required in the search field to bring up the correct shift details.