Create new Entity

The Entity is the organisation that the client is part of. This is often the same as the client’s Parent Admin. The Entity has a specific industry and sub-industry, which in turn means that it has a specific SAIC code. It is due to this that, although uncommon, some structures necessarily have more than one Entity.

In the fictitious example below, National Insurance Scheme is the Parent Admin. Within the National Insurance Scheme client structure, there are state-based NIS service locations which are government funded, but there is also a NIS private service location, which groups together and co-ordinates self-funded private individual clients. As these private clients cannot have the same SAIC code as the rest of the NIS client structure, a separate “NIS-PVT” Entity would need to be created.

The NIS Entity might have an industry/sub-industry of “Financial and Insurance / General Insurance”, while the NIS-PVT Entity might have an industry/sub-industry that is applicable to individuals, such as “Other Services / Private Households Employing Staff”.

Refer to the client tree structure below for this example.

A1: Adding a New Entity

To create a new Entity, follow the steps below. Note that Entities do not feature at all in the Web Portal and can only be created and updated in the Finance Portal.

a) Open the Entity Details window by clicking the “Entity” icon on the toolbar.

b) Click on the “+Add New Entity” button, as seen circled in red on the screen below, to clear the entry fields.

c) Complete all the fields and click the “Save Entity” button.Complete the fields on the other tabs and save.