Shifts are entered in the Allocations screen. 

Once you are in the Allocations screen, please select Quick from the quick access toolbar.

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The shift entry screen will then appear. 

To complete the shift entry, you will need to enter all of the mandatory details, these are highlighted below

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Enter the Service Location ( this is the location of the shift )

Tip:  you can start typing the name of the location and then auto select 

Enter the required Qualification, you can enter multiple qualifications ( eg RN & EEN ) if you tick the Dual Qualification box

Enter the Date of the shift, the Day will automatically populate

Tip:  this field is dynamic and allows you to type in the date ( eg: 25 ) and TAB.  EntireHR will autofill the 25th of the current month detail

Enter the Shift Type ( AM, PM or NS )

Enter the Start and End times of the shift

Enter the name of the Professional ( person requesting the shift )

Upon completion of this detail, please scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Confirm & Exit

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The shift will then appear in the Process area of the main Allocations screen and will be at the status of "Shift Entered"