EntireHR have a dedicated Support Portal to that provides direct access to our extensive Knowledge base and Technical Support.

The Support portal is a central location for users to:
  • View and search through our knowledge base full of Help Documents and Guides.
  • Create and submit technical support tickets
  • View previously submitted tickets and their current status
  • Update tickets with further information
When submitting tickets please provide as much information as possible. Please use the below as a guide to assist you with submitting informative tickets


Use the Subject line to inform us of what the problem is, for example "Error message when appointing Member" rather than "Error". This will assist us to better understand the error and assist when reviewing/searching  previously submitted tickets.


This part of the ticket is where you should include every last little detail you can about the issue or query at hand.

  • What is occurring? Provide as much detail as possible and any screenshots you may have.
  • Where is is occurring? Staff Portal, Finance Portal, Member Portal/App, Client Portal/App etc.
  • What is the outcome you are trying to achieve? i.e. Add a Delivery Location to a parent profile.
  • What troubleshooting steps have you taken to resolve the issue? i.e. Refreshed screen or cleared cache.
  • Have you found any duplicate cases or how this can be replicated? The error is affecting a single Member and seems to be fine with other Members.
Feel free to include:
  • Screen Shots
  • URL Links
  • Videos of system behaviour


We do our best to respond and investigate tickets as soon as we can, however from time to time we rely on the priority of tickets to manage what tickets are actioned first.
With this in mind we ask that you assign the most suitable priority to your tickets using the below as a guide.

   Feature Used Daily + Business Critical 
   Feature Used Weekly or Task Specific
   Feature Used Occasionally/Low Necessity

Please remember the story of the boy who cried wolf if you wish to disregard the above guide when assigning ticket priorities.

There are several pathways available to access our Support portal.

Via Staff Web Portal 

  1. Hover the mouse over Help in the top right hand corner.
  2. Select Log Support Request.

Via Finance Portal
  1. Hover the mouse over Support in the main drop down menu.
  2. Select Support Portal (a internet browser will open up)

Via URL link
To access and save the direct link please click here.

Once you have accessed our Support Portal we recommend to Login to your account. This will allow you to view previously submitted tickets and their current status.

At the time of logging in there is a tickbox option to stay logged in as shown below.

To submit a request please select Submit a Request found in the header bar.

Alternatively you can email any Technical Support queries to support@entiresoftware.com , however you will not be able to view the status of tickets using this option.