Your Qualification and Expertise structure is one of the most important parts of your EntireHR system. Together they are the key criteria used for recruitment, bookings, allocations, payroll and invoicing.

From a recruitment perspective, it can be extremely helpful to have the Expertise for each qualification available for applicants to select. This allows applicants to highlight any additional skills they may have in relation to their main qualification. 

Please note the Expertise field will only load once a Qualification is selected as they are linked.

We recommend accessing your Master settings to review all of your Expertises are entered and linked correctly.

To access your Masters please follow the below steps.

1. Access Masters > Main Master > Expertise.

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2. Review the list of expertise and see if they are set as Global or linked to specific Qualifications.

If an expertise applies for all qualifications you can leave the Qualification section blank and it will apply and show to all active Qualifications.

If it is an Expertise in specific to one or more Qualifications but not all you can choose to link it to specific Qualifications.

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3. To set it to show for specific Qualifications select the Pencil to Edit.

In the editor screen expand the Qualification field and select from the list of to link and show for that Qualification.

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Hit the green tick to Save.