Set out below is the process you will need to go through to compile a report with postal address and month and date of birth on one report for Active and Inactive Members while protecting the confidentiality of other data. 

  • Name
  • Address
  • Day & Month of Birth


  1. Select Member Report
  2. Use the “Export Members Report to Excel” button
  3. Even though it says employment Status “Active” it will give you all in the databased with the nominated birthday range.
  4. Delete all columns from “Member Priority” (Column P) to Column AO – the next column should be street address
  5. Delete all columns from “Payslip email” (Column T) to end of table. This is Worksheet 1
  6. Run the report again using the parameters below and this time use the “Get Report” button which gives birthdates. Then change file to CSV and hit “Export”.
  7. Open the CSV file
  8. Delete columns A to N
  9. Select and copy all data on this page and paste to a new tab on Worksheet 1
  10. Insert a column next to “text dob” (new column I)
  11. Select Column H “text dob” and then Data/Text to Columns/
  12. These steps will leave just birth date and month in column H. Rename column H DOB. Delete column I.
  13. Highlight all the data in the spreadsheet and select DATA/SORT/
  14. In column L type  =VLOOKUP(A2,MembersDetailReport!N:O,2,FALSE)
  15. In column M type =VLOOKUP(A2,MembersDetailReport!N:P,3,FALSE)
  16. In column N type =VLOOKUP(A2,MembersDetailReport!N:Q,4,FALSE)
  17. In column O type =VLOOKUP(A2,MembersDetailReport!N:R,5,FALSE)
  18. Copy to all rows - This should bring the address for that member into columns L to O
  19. Delete columns C to G
  20. Select Column F and COPY it insert cells between column B and C
  21. Select columns G to K,  and then select HOME/COPY/PASTE (selecting the down arrow under the icon)/PASTEVALUES (selecting the first icon)
  22. Right mouse click on Sheet 1 (as below) and select RENAME. Type ACTIVE
  23. Repeat Steps 8 to 21 for Inactive Members
  24. Delete the original sheet (Right mouse click and select delete) so you only have the Active and Inactive sheets.
  25. Print both lists