The internal Staff portal allows users to view, edit and upload documents to Applicants and Members profiles.

To learn how to upload documents using the Staff Web Portal please follow the below steps:

1. Search for the Members or Applicants profile
The quickest way to access this is via the Personnel Card using their name or mobile number.
Note: To use this method for an Applicant their Application Status must be set to interview.

2. Select Documents found within the Recruitment Stages.

3. To Edit a document select the pencil located in the far left column.

4. To upload a new document use the Category field to select the documentation name.
Note: you will need to expand the documentation type first.

5. Select the file you wish to upload and press submit. 

Once the document has been uploaded you are required to add in any mandatory fields.

6. To add these to the document select the pencil to the left of the document and enter in the applicable fields.


7. Select the green arrow to save the entered data.
If you have missed a mandatory field you will receive an error message similar to the below, highlighting which field must have data applied.