The dashboard provides an overview of any impending tasks for the recruiter. It is also the control board for all tasks that have been performed or are to be performed during the recruitment process. Please read below the details carefully for a comprehensive understanding of each option.

Inbox is where all new applicants details are received into the system fed directly from the application form on your website or by creating an applicant manually in the system. To learn how to manually create an applicant please click here: How to Create applications manually in entireHR? 
Additionally any Deferred or Reapply applicants will enter the inbox if they re-submit their application once their mandatory waiting period has finished. This happens when the application is past the original Deferred/Reapply date set by the recruiter.

Left Message:
This is where the user can find low priority applicants who have been contacted by a recruiter and a message has been left via phone call, SMS or email for the applicant to return contact.

Call back:
This is where the user can find any applicant that the recruiter wishes to call back.  Similar to Left Message, these are high priority applicants and the company would like to have them as an employee or member. This feature allows recruitment staff to prioritise applicants that should be called until contacted.

Applicant Login:
This is where the user can find applicants that have been screened by the recruiter and have been sent login details to the Applicant Portal but no interview time has been confirmed yet. This is often used in companies that have a very long lead time between initial appointment and confirming the interview (such as a few months). It may also be used for companies that wish to call references first before booking the interview, or for other similar reasons. 

TBC Interviews:
This is where the user can find applicants that have an interview scheduled but have not yet been notified of the time and date of their appointment.  This feature can be used when a user wishes to organise the internal recruiter rosters or if a recruiter wants to proactively organise their recruitment schedule before ringing applicants.

This is where the user can find a list of all confirmed future interviews as per company office locations. Recruiters have the ability to send the Applicants an email confirming their interview date/time and providing login details to access the Applicant portal. Interviews can be filtered, edited and rescheduled from this section, any interviews that were not completed will automatically move into the rescheduled section after their date has passed.

Non Compliant:
This is where the user can find all applicants & members who are missing important compliance information. The system will automatically show applicants that have an interview booked but are still missing this compliance information. The recruiter can also manually place applicants & members in this section via the Personnel Card. The compliance information is customisable based on your default company settings and can be adjusted at any time.

Reference Pending:
This is where the user can find applicants who are missing at least one reference check and the recruiter has flagged this as mandatory before proceeding with their application.

This is where the user can find applicants who have past their interview date and no action has been taken on their profile status. From this section the the recruiter can reschedule the interview or open the applicant profile to change the applicants status found in the appointment tab.

Activate Member:
This where the user can view any candidate that has been successful and has all relevant/mandatory information up to date, has references checked and cleared by the recruitment officer. Applicants that are in this section are not yet active members and this is the final stage to generate their "Member" details. This data is used by Allocations, Payroll and the Member to Access their Apps and External Logins. Hence, why it is important that each recruiter checks all information before activating a member. Once activated here, the member will receive a member log in and password to the member portal. 

This is where the user will see applicants that were previously deferred but have passed their 'follow up date' waiting period from their original application. This option can be used when you no longer require applicants from a certain qualification or location, but may need them for future shortages. From this section the user can re-screen the applicant and choose to; defer, change their status or book them in for an interview.

This is where the user can see all applicants who have completed the mandatory waiting period after being asked to reapply during initial screening. This period is set as per your default company settings. Use the Reapply option when you feel an applicant is lacking only experience but otherwise has a great application. From this section the user can re-screen the applicant and choose to; Change their status, ask them to reapply or book them in for an interview.

Never Employ:
This where user can see a list of applicants that have been specifically red flagged within your organisation for compliance issues, negative references, and any reason making the applicant unsuitable for employment. This also includes any previous members who are now unsuitable for employment. All new applicants are checked against these staff when they reapply on 3 criteria; Name, DOB and Mobile Number. If all 3 match, the person will not be able to apply through the company's website or job portal. This is also applicable for applicants in the Deferred, Declined and Reapply sections.

This is where the user can see all applicants that were declined in the system. These applicants can never reapply again through the application form unless they apply under different details. If circumstances change as to why this applicant was declined the user is able to book them in for an interview or change the status of these application.

Login Details:
This is where the user can find log in details for all Members and Applicants. Login details can also be found in the main bar menu under Logins.