This report is really good to see where your best applicants come from.

To utlise it, go to Reports > Recruitment Reports > Job Applied Source Report. (screenshot below)

This report will track the number of applications that come through to your Recruitment inbox via the application page and also provide the percentage of successful applications from each "application source".

This allows you to focus your marketing on where the highest quality applicants are coming from. 

To see the percentage in this way:

  1. Open the Job Applied Source Report
  2. Select the option "job applied from" 
  3. Unselect member status "active" doing this will show all applicants instead of just those hired.
  4. Run Report - You can see the Employment ratio - how many people were made active out of how many applied from each source. - shown in the example below:
Image Placeholder

Adding a new source of applications:

If you begin a new form of advertising you wish to track here , simply add it to the masters under "Marketing Research" - Go here: Application Page to learn more. 

Important: We recommend to never "overwrite" any advertising name with another, as all the data stored for the previous name will also move across to the new name you create, giving you an inaccurate record. 

High quality PDF of how this report looks: