The Document Expiry date report is a versatile report that provides multiple ways of searching Members documentation within your system.

It can:

  • Check the expiry dates of specific documentation
  • Be used to search which members have a certain document(s) against their profile regardless of the expiry date or no expiry date.
  • You can check which members do not have a specific document against their profile.

To learn how to access this report please see below steps.

1. Access Reports > Member Document Expiry Date

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From this screen you can choose any of the fields to run a specific search criteria.

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State: This will filter the report by the State of the Member
Office: this will filter the report by the Office of the Member
Qualification: This will filter the report by the qualification(s) of the member
Members not Registered with document? : This is the option to run a report of which members do not have a document(s) against their profile.
Member Name: This will filter the report by the Member selected
The Get report option will provide a PDF report while the Export to Excel will download a CSV file.
Check Specific Document Type: This si a drop down field which allows you to select specific documents you would like to run the report on. If you do not select a document this will run the report for all documents in your system.
Members Documents Expiring Before: This field works to search the Expiry dates of documents and will provide you with any members who have expired documents or documents that will expiry prior to the date set in this field. 

2. Select Get Report (PDF) or Export to Excel (Excel/CSV download) to run the report

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