The Application Page is a powerful tool that you can use that begins the feeding of data of new recruits directly into EntireHR.

Usually the Application page will be hosted straight off your own website which you can usually link to different job boards as well (depending on the job board).

The application page automatically begins sorting Applicants by checking for duplicate entries by matching several key criteria. 

This is the first stage of the process, allowing you to capture basic information from Applicants in a quick manner without any effort needed on the part of the Recruiter. 

By going through the Masters you can customise what your applicants see and can apply for, freeing up valuable time for your internal admin staff who can then begin the sorting process without having to ask basic questions. Please note while nearly all information inside boxes can be edited, the Titles of boxes (such as Qualification) cannot be changed directly yet - however this may be enhanced in the future.

A visual tutorial on how and where to edit this application page is here: Application Page Set Up.pdf

Explanation for the Application Fields below:

  1. State, Suburb and Post Code (customisable): These feed directly from your database and are important because many of the integrated Google Map searches to match Members with Client Locations are done using the information entered here, so it is important to be accurate. This is why Applicants select from a drop-down instead of just typing the Suburb themselves. We pride ourselves on having every suburb in Australia in entireHR as of this moment, however as new Suburbs are always popping up please check the tutorial on where to add a new Suburb.
  2. Qualification (customisable): This is the main professional title of your applicant or their job role. Qualification will feed off the industry, that the applicant selects first. As an agency it would generally be what your clients ask you for "We need a Registered Nurse/Kitchen Hand/Math Teacher". At application stage applicants can only select one Qualification Title, but more can be added later if required. Qualification is very important, as pay rates and invoice rates both feed off Qualification. A Qualification can also have multiple pay rates attached to it, to reflect experience or special skills. 
  3. Experience (customisable): This refers to the amount of working experience that Applicant has in the industry, designed to give your Recruiters quick overview of their working experience.
  4. Your Industry (customisable): Industry is the working industry of the Applicant such as Healthcare, Labour Hire or Hospitality. Industry is important because Clients are attached to different industries allowing you to service multiple markets at once if you so choose. Qualification will also load based off the industry, good for Conglomerate companies. These different industries can have different pay rates/invoicing rates which is why they are very important to be consistent, additionally for Applicants and Members - the industry selected will provide different options in the "Areas of Specialty" (next field down). 
  5. Areas of Specialty (customisable): This will be loaded based on the industry selected (see above) these refer to different types of work the applicant is suited to doing or has specific expertise in. Note these are different to a full list of Expertise, as Expertise is much more specific, used for shift bookings and also for rates and may not be necessary/appropriate to show to a brand new applicant. 
  6. Availability (not customisable): This option asks how many shifts the applicant is interested in and general time-slots. It is designed to give a general gauge on what the applicants availability will be like straight from the beginning i.e. weekends only, during the week, 5 shifts as week or just 1. 
  7. Knowledge of Agency (customisable): This is a very powerful tool that will show the return on investment you are getting from your marketing and advertising campaigns. Here the applicant basically selects where they came to your website/application page from - i.e. Google Search, Facebook, etc. You can use this to track the progress of your applications, to see what is the most effective form of advertising. To learn more about this go here: Job Applied Source Report
  8. Upload Resume (customisable): This feeds from the Qualification selected by the Applicant, when creating Qualifications you can decide the rules for the Qualification when Applicants apply, such as whether you require a Resume or Photograph as optional or mandatory.
  9. Upload Cover Letter (not customisable): This is an optional upload for Applicants with Cover letters
  10. Upload Photograph (customisable): Completely optional and also Controlled by the Qualification Master - see 8 above. 
  11. Office Applying to (customisable): This allows you to begin grouping your applicants by office. If you have multiple office locations, this is an obvious feature you would be using, as for when booking appointments and having the address send automatically to new applicants or when doing searches by office location can be very powerful for locations. Even for companies with only one internal office, setting up multiple geographic locations here can be extremely powerful to help group members/applicants by demographics and match them up against clients in the same types of zones. Offices can also be used to apply specific pay and invoicing rates due to events like public holidays that may be in area of the state, but not others - i.e. Geelong has Public Holidays that the rest of Victoria does not recognise. Thusly it's important when creating/removing offices to check which clients and members are attached to different offices to ensure no accidental changes to your system. 
  12. Additional Info (customisable): Here you can create several checkbox options. These can be Yes/No questions that aren't covered in the initial application form that you wish to know the answer to before contacting the applicant yourself. 
  13. Seek Plug in: If you have purchased the Seek integration (available on request for an additional fee) your applicants will be able to both apply directly from Seek Ads and also use their Seek profile to preload their basic data directly into the Application form on your website.